ABC-Always Be Connecting

Gwen Elliot and Lashanda Henry brought their business expertise to the broadcast. Gwen controlled the first half of the show with tales of failure, triumph and inspiration. The girls were able to talk to Gwen about the struggles of being a Mediapreneur. Gwen was able to bring some realism to the life of an entrepreneur “Entrepreneurship isn’t glamorous “she said alluding to the balance of doing what you love and making enough money to live. Her story brought forward endless conversation but the ladies had to make time for Lashanda.

Biz Success

Lashonda Henry from Sista Sense kept the energy level high and talked about how she started her business and grew her tribe. With over 300 videos on YouTube she has been able to create a substantial following while staying true to who she is. Later on in the broadcast Gwen came back and the two ladies were able to share their insight together.

This episode was not just informative but motivating, these two wonderful women were just overflowing with positive energy that you can feel from wherever you are.