Hacking Into Awesome #LifeAdvice with Lori , Cher and Manulife!


This episode is dedicated to game changing #LifeAdvice you can hack into and apply to your own life.

ANDREA LEWIS of the internet hit show Black Actress Web Series; ANDREA NAIR TV Host, Parenting Expert and Psychotherapist

BOBBY UMAR 4 time TedX Speaker, Leadership Catalyst and Author as well as Actress SARAH FISHER of Degrassi to share their #LifeAdvice , the story behind it and say thanks to the person who gave it to them.

SARAH FISHER plays Becky on Degrassi. Actress / Model / Singer / Songwriter.

ANDREA NAIR a parenting educator dishes out awesome advice every day as Psychotherapist, Educator, TV Host and Writer

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ABC-Always Be Connecting

Biz Success

Gwen Elliot and Lashanda Henry brought their business expertise to the broadcast. Gwen controlled the first half of the show with tales of failure, triumph and inspiration. The girls were able to talk to Gwen about the struggles of being a Mediapreneur. Gwen was able to bring some realism to the life of an entrepreneur “Entrepreneurship isn’t glamorous “she said alluding to the balance of doing what you love and making enough money to live. Her story brought forward endless conversation but the ladies had to make time for Lashanda.

Biz Success

Lashonda Henry from Sista Sense kept the energy level high and talked about how she started her business and grew her tribe. With over 300 videos on YouTube she has been able to create a substantial following while staying true to who she is. Later on in the broadcast Gwen came back and the two ladies were able to share their insight together.

This episode was not just informative but motivating, these two wonderful women were just overflowing with positive energy that you can feel from wherever you are.

Hack Into Your Own Business Success with LaShanda Henry & Gwen Elliot S.2 EP.7

Scroll to the bottom to get Gwen Elliot’s eBook! – It’s business time on Lori and Cher! In this episode we are going to hack into the entrepreneurial minds of +LaShanda Henry  and +Gwen Elliot. Whether you are thinking testing the waters by starting a brand new business or are knee deep in the entrepreneurial sea this episode will have some awesome advice for you to hack into including how to:
• find clarity in the type of business you should start
• push past the FEAR of failure and success
• price your products and turn a profit
• build your tribe

We are also taking your questions so please ask away!

LaShanda Henry is the Founder of SistaSense and the Black Business Women Online,  a social networking community for women in business


Gwen Elliot is a Mediapreneur, Marketing professional, Business Coach and producer of OWN Canada’s The Naked Entrepreneur

Get Gwen’s eBook http://gwenlovesloriandcher.instapage…

Hot Topics are back

Talkback S2EP6

Episode 6 was a well needed return of an always fun Hot Topics panel. Lori and Cher welcomed back Sasha Ann Simons and Adriel Smiley who had made multiple appearances during Season 1. Alyson Jno a fabulous leadership coach made her Lori and Cher debut. The ladies proceeded to lead the panel through the topics buzzing around the internet.

Talkback S2EP6

The Toronto Mayoral Race has been big in Toronto for the past few months and the panel weighed in on what they thought of all the candidates and of course Rob Ford and his puzzling popularity. All of the participants were generally unimpressed with Rob Ford but could not deny the possibility that his brother may still win the election.

The new ABC  show Black-Ish has been getting some flack on the internet being accused of being anti-gay and racist. Cher and Sasha were very found of the show and found it especially hilarious. The group thought that the negative press was a bit overblown and the show didn’t deserve it especially in it first season. Everyone agreed that the show has intelligent and covers thought provoking topics.

The two biggest topics of the night were the recent Ebola incident that has been front page   news in the United States and a man by the name of Jay Williams who has 34 children by 17 different women. Two of the heavier topics of the night brought out some much needed conversation on the role of the media and the distribution of information.

This Hot Topics was a great mix of laughter and sharing of ideas making it a must see episode.

Lori And Cher TalkBack Live: All hot topics!!!!! S.2 EP.6


Lori Williamson and +Cher Jones are joined by +Simons Says +Adriel Smiley and +Allyson Jno to about what the internet is buzzing about.

What do…
Toronto’s Race for Mayor
Your Friends
and 34 Kids
All have in common?
They’re all hot topics on Lori and Cher

Our First Show Back for Season 2 is Going to be HOT! Check out the topics.

Lori Anc Cher- Talk Back LiveS2 Ep1

Lori And Cher Show Season 2 Episode 1: TALK BACK LIVE Edition

Lori Anc Cher- Talk Back LiveS2 Ep1It’s a whole hour of hot topics -If the internet is buzzing about it you know we’ll be talking about it! +Lori Williamson and +Cher Jones be joined by three awesome panelists:

Award winning sports and business reporter and host of Sportonomics- Morgan Campbell

Author, Business Woman and regular Huff Post Live Contributor- Janét Aizenstros

Entrepreneur, Funny Man and Host of the Most Races Show on Earth- Neil Bansil

We want to hear from you – so if you have a burning topic you want us to jump on let us know in the comments down below.

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(They may change several times today depending on what you’re talking about. Feel free to suggest a hotter topic in the comments below:

UPDATED at Tuesday Sept 2nd, at 3:36PM EST

(They may change several times today depending on what you’re talking about. Feel free to suggest a hotter topic in the comments below:

  1. Rob Ford: The biggest election in Toronto History. Why do ethnic minorities love this guy. #Teflon (Source: Global News and ByBlack.com)
  2. Celebrity’s nude photos get hacked and leaked. Is there truth to what Ricky Gervais tweeted and deleted? Or is this Victim blaming? (Source Article: The Daily Beast)
  3. Forget the ALS Challenge… Have you heard of the “Pull Up Your Pants Challenge”? It sparked a huge debate on CNN!(Source Article: BOSSIP)
  4. What should black parents tell their sons about the police? (Source Article: Gawker)
  5. Father, Photographer, Pornographer? Does Wyatt Neumann have the right as her father to take these pictures? Share them on Instagram? Would you consider them pornographic? Are we hyper-sexualizing children and making them into something there not?
    (Source: Upworthy)
  6. Are you excited about the new iPhone6? (Source Article: Mac Rumors)
  7. Nick Cannon… Mariah on his back. How far would you go to prove your love? (Picture)
  8. Who’s wedding trumped who’s? Kimye Wedding Circus vs Brangelina’s 22 Person Intimate Wedding (|Source: Hindustan Times)
  9. What are you most excited about this Fall’s TV Line Up?? (Source Article: TV News)

Tuesday Sept 2nd at 9PM EST

How to deal with the loss of a loved one Christina Rasmussen Second Firsts EP.18

Picking up the pieces after losing someone you love may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do.  Our guest Christina Rasmussen  is the author of Seconds First: Live Laugh, and Love Again, a book that gives you the tools you’ll need to start over. She shares the principles of brain science to change the patterns and habits of grief and help you reenter your life and your career one small step at a time.

Join us for a healing conversation. Know someone who is dealing with loss? Make sure you share this with them.

Amanda Seales steps away from Hip Hop to take over the World of Comedy

In the summer of 2011, Amanda Ingrid Seales formerly known as ‘Amanda Diva’ dropped the ‘Diva’ from her stage name, and chose to move forward with her government name. Saying goodbye to the name ‘Diva’ meant that Amanda leaves behind the unwanted stereotypes that accompanied it. A simple Google search of ‘Amanda Diva’ shows the Amanda Seales we know now as a member of the hip hop community. Amanda Diva was attempting to bring back the ‘Golden Era’ of Hip-Hop while Amanda Seales is currently creating quality content from a comedy base.

Amanda Seales recently appeared on The Lori & Cher Show and spoke about everything stemming from sexism in the entertainment industry to the climate change in the urban community. The calm atmosphere of a Google + hangout allowed Amanda to feel relaxed and made for an insightful conversation instead of an invasive interview. She spoke about stepping away from hip hop and into the comedy world where even though she seems comfortable as somewhat of a novice.

I came up through music and it just so happened I was funny

Hosting shows like ‘Best Week Ever’ and ‘Master of the Mix’ allowed her innate comedic style to shine through which has given her strengths for her current projects. She is naturally comical and it seems to only be a matter of time before she dipped her brush in comedy. Seales has held the comedian stamp without gracing the stand up stage. Having a reputation for being funny isn’t enough to take over the big stage, she is trying to cement herself in the conversation with a string of new projects.

On her web show, “Things I Learned this Week” Amanda uses her humor and thought provoking ways to look at current events. We get to see Amanda’s comedy the way she wants us to and are finally able to get her unfiltered opinion.  She takes various topics and transforms the show into YouTube gold while giving the audience insight that forces us to think about the issues at hand while making us laugh. The mild success of ‘TIL this week’ illustrates that although she is providing us with great content she is a few steps behind the competition. From the outside looking in Amanda told Lori & Cher about what it’s like trying to make a name in the industry.

I feel like the new girl in seventh grade

She entered through Hip Hop which is an unusual road to the comedy leaving her out of the inner comedy circle. Just like she alluded to on the Lori & Cher Show, a lot of making it into the industry is based upon networking skills and relationships much like the social aspect of making friends in the seventh grade. This where we find our beloved Amanda Seales naturally talented and naturally awkward trying to cement herself as not the new girl in seventh grade but the funniest girl in school.

Amanda Seales is on Lori And Cher EP. 17

This week on the Lori and Cher Show, we will be hanging out with the opinionated, fearless, and hilarious Amanda Seales. We’ll be talking about her Youtube show Things I Learned This Week and all of her other incredible projects while hacking deep in her awesome knowledge on music, women’s issues and popular culture and her ability to address what most are either too scared or too PC to.  Lori and Cher gonna learn something this week! In the meantime check out her channel www.youtube.com/AmandaSealesTV

Going deep inside the PR Industry with Anje Collins EP. 16


PR Superstar +Anje Collins  joined +Lori Williamson  and +Cher Jones  to give us the inside scoop of all things PR Related. If you ever wondered what it’s like to run a PR agency, get celebrity clients booked on the major talk shows, rocking the red carpet at all the MAJOR awards shows and out of hot water you do not want to miss this juicy episode. The Co founder of Women In PR knows all!

Nadine Liverpool (SportsNaytion) and Adriel Smiley also joined us on the hot topics panel where we discussed all aspects of the Donald Sterling PR nightmare.